Starting a large painting project can be confusing.
here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

How do I get started on my painting project?
Getting started is easy! Give Fine Line a call and Kim will come to your house to discuss what you want done, walk around and look at the property and give you an estimate. This is all done at your convenience!

What methods does FineLine use?
Every paint job has different requirements and Fine Line chooses which method to use based on those variables. FineLine assesses each job individually and will use whatever methods are necessary to get the job done right.

Is the cost of paint included in the estimate?
Yes, the estimate is all inclusive.

Can FineLine help me chose a color scheme?
Choosing the colors for your home is as personal as getting dressed in the morning, so the final color decisions will always be in your hands. However, we are happy to assist in the process of choosing colors; Fine Line is also willing to paint sample swatches of color to aid in your decision making process.

How long would it take to complete a job?
The length of time that each job takes is based on variables such as the size of the job, the number of details, and outside factors such as weather. However, Fine Line guarantees that all jobs will be completed in an efficient and timely manner. We are committed to respecting your home by getting the job done quickly while doing the highest quality work. Also, unlike other contractors, Fine Line only works one job at a time, meaning we will not have to compromise your time and our resources in order to complete your job.

What extra services can FineLine provide?
Fine Line does not just paint! We offer a wide array of other services including: drywall and plaster repair, cabinetry painting, light carpentry and rotten wood repair, decking and wallpaper removal. Fine Line will also facilitate moving furniture and covering any surfaces that could be damaged in the performance of our work with no extra charge to you.